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Tailored Trip

Fill out the form below for a member of our team to create a personalized travel itinerary for you. Yaroslava might reach out to you personally to create the perfect itinerary. 

You can also send inquiries to

What to expect:

-> After you submit the form, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out about your trip and a link to schedule your call.

-> On the call, we will get to know you a bit more and talk about your travel wishes, discussing your trip in more detail, the price and when you will receive your itinerary. So we can craft that perfect itinerary.

-> Depending on your timeline and trip length, you will receive your itinerary within the said time that was agreed upon during the call.

-> You will have one more call to go over the itinerary and submit any changes that you wish.

-> Bon Voyage!


The base price of this service starts at $350 and is tailored according to the length and specifications of your travel wishes. 

Thanks for submitting!

Image by Katia De Juan
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