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Winter Festivities

Embark on a captivating Christmas journey in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland's cherished gem. From the very start, the city's festive embrace welcomes you with heartwarming dinners and the joy of a special Christmas gift. Wander through historic cobblestone streets adorned with twinkling lights, and explore many wondrous and historical sites of the city. Venture beyond the city to the breathtaking Highlands and serene Lowlands, where enchantment deepens. Let the holiday symphony of the Christmas Market whisk you into a world of artisan treasures and wonder. Engage in shared laughter, awaken your senses at the Scotch Whisky Experience, and explore the famous attraction Chocolatarium. Continue to the Cairngorms for a rare gem—the UK's only free-ranging reindeer herd. Just beyond lies Aviemore, adorned in festive splendor, your ideal winter partner. This journey gifts cherished moments and bestows the enduring magic of Christmas—a radiant light guiding your path through the tapestry of the season's enchantment.

If you wish:

  • to extend your stay through Christmas,

  • book a fully private tour for your friends or/and family,

  • or stay on different dates,

follow the magic button below. 

* A choice to pay the total in full or only the deposit of $500 to secure your spot and pay the rest in installments. The initial deposit is refundable within 72 hours after payment. 

**Shared means that you are going on a trip with someone else, like your friend, a partner, or a family member, and would like to stay in the same hotel room with them. The price is shown per person.

Tour Only means that you don't need the hotel stay and airport transfers.

Winter Festivities 2024 Tour itinerary TBD. A sample itinerary of our previous year's tour is available below.

Itinerary Overview

If you'd like more details, read the expanded version of the itinerary down below.

What's included in the trip: - Accommodations (stay at 4 or 5-star hotels in Edinburgh and receive extra perks, such as hotel credit.) Unless "Tour Only" option is chosen. - An early Christmas gift for you - All transfers between the airport (unless "Tour Only" option is chosen) and locations that require it - All of the tickets to tours and attractions that are on the itinerary. Keep in mind that some of the locations mentioned on day trips might be closed for some months. They will be substituted. - Everyday breakfast (unless "Tour Only" option is chosen) - Two dinners - Afternoon tea - Yaroslava's free guide for "Things to do in Edinburgh" that you can refer to for ideas for your free time with extra sites, museums, restaurants, and pubs. - Yaroslava, as you prvate travel concierge, is available at any time for any questions, booking for extra attractions or/and restaurants, and general information. Or you can ask her during the scheduled activities as she is present with you.

Day 1: - Yaroslava greets you at the airport. And receive a welcoming gift - Your comfortable transfer takes you on to check-in at 4 star-hotel - After your post-flight rest, you will meet with the rest of the group for the Festive Welcome Dinner. If your flight happens to be late, dinner will be arranged for you.

Day 2: - Have a leisurely morning to yourself - In the early afternoon you will have lots of fun exploring Old Town with Mountebank Comedy Tour - Visit the famous Grassmarket area - Stop by a local coffee shop for a fresh pastry - Visit gorgeous Princes Street Gardens - Our last visit today will be to Waterstones Bookstore to visit their 2nd floor cafe for an amazing view - Free evening. Set the festive mood by exploring Christmas Market.

Day 3: - After breakfast, you have a private guided tour of Edinburgh Castle - Explore Victoria St, full of charming shops and inspiration behind Diagon Alley in Harry Potter - Visit one of the best places for pictures at the Vennel viewpoint - In the late afternoon, you are set to tour either Mary King’s Close or the Underground Vaults, depending on your choice 
- Later in the evening, please join us for a festive concert Viennese Christmas Spectacular at the magnificent St. Giles Cathedral.

Day 4: - After a good breakfast, you are scheduled for an adventurous day trip of your choice. See choices in the expanded itinerary below.

Day 5: - Today, after breakfast, you are visiting a Leith, a port neighborhood of Edinburgh, to see the late Queen Elizabeth's beloved Royal Yacht Britannia. - Back in the center of Edinburgh you are set for an early evening of aromatic and exquisite whisky OR gin tasting. - Free evening

Day 6: - Post breakfast we are off to a dream day trip to Cairngorms to visit the friendliest and the only free-roaming reindeer in the UK. Incudes a visit to a festive town of Aviemore for fun activities and exploration. - Read more in the expanded version below.

Day 7: - Visit a north neighborhood in Edinburgh, Stockbridge, that's full of such sights as Dean Village, Water of Leith, and Circus Lane. - On the way stop for a scrumptious treat, Afternoon Tea, fit for royalty at The Dome. - Later in the evening, join us for the famous Train of Lights at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Day 8: - This is your full free day to do with as you please! Get some ideas from the free "Things To Do in Edinburgh" guide that was included with your purchase.

Day 9: - In the late morning visit the official residence of British Monarchs in Edinburgh - Palace of Holyroodhouse, located at the end of the Royal Mile. - You are in for a sweet treat in the afternoon as we visit the #1 attraction, the famous Chocolatarium. - In the early evening transport to a magical realm in an entaractive Polar Express experince. Wearing pyjamas is optional. - Join us for Festive Farewell Dinner.

Day 10: - This is only for Solo or Shared rate options. - As your breakfast ends, you have a choice for a late check-out - Ride comfortably as your driver takes you through the streets of this wonderful, fairytale-like city - Have a safe trip home to continue this Christmas Holiday with lots of memories, joy, and merriness!

If you have any questions, please read our FAQs here or contact us



Christmas lights on building

Day 1 - Arrivals

Experience a magical start to your winter wonderland journey with a warm welcome at the airport. Thoughtful gifts await you, setting the tone for your festive adventure. Enjoy a comfortable transfer to your elevated heavenly stay, where pure comfort awaits. As the evening unfolds, indulge in a heartwarming Festive Welcome Dinner that will ignite the holiday spirit. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure filled with joy and wonder!

Day 2

Experience the heart of Edinburgh with the delightful and fun Mountebank Comedy Tour through the Old Town. Journey to a local cozy coffee and pastry spot and take a stroll through the historic Grassmarket area, leading to the grand Princes Street Gardens and the mesmerizing Ross Fountain. Discover Waterstones Cafe & Bookshop, where literature meets spectacular views. End your day with free time to enjoy the vibrant Christmas Market.



Enjoy the rest of the day at your own pace strolling through charming streets and Christmas Market. The city is yours to discover.

Grassmarket street in Edinburgh
Inside of St. Glies Cathedral

Day 3

Today, you will experience the awe-inspiring beauty and rich history of Edinburgh Castle on a private tour. Afterwards, Victoria Street's charming shops will captivate you, and you will see why it might be the inspiration behind Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter world. Then, you get a chance to discover the mesmerizing Vennel viewpoint, one of the best castle views in the city.

In the afternoon you can choose between the unique adventures of the mysteries of
Mary King’s Close or the Underground Vaults. To discover a hidden part of Edinburgh not everyone gets to see or know about.


Round off your day with the Viennese Christmas Spectacular at historic St. Giles Cathedral illuminated by the candlelight—a truly magical event that is sure to bring alive the spirit of Christmas. Witness high acclaimed London Concertante invigorate the finest Viennese classics to celebrate the festive season. You can read more about the programme here.

Day 4

Choose your own adventure for a day trip:
- embrace the majesty of the
Highlands, with its rugged landscapes, ancient castles, iconic Loch Ness, Glencoe, and more;

- uncover the captivating beauty of the Lowlands, with landmarks like the enchanting Rosslyn Chapel;

- or step through time and into the realm of Outlander, where the past and present intertwine at Doune Castle and Linlithgow Palace

Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland
People having a whisky tasting

Day 5

Venture into the picturesque port neighborhood of Leith by a comfortable transfer. The main highlight today is the Royal Yacht Britannia, a vessel deeply cherished by the late Queen Elizabeth II. It has served the British Royal Family for over four decades and traveled over a million nautical miles. You will walk along the Queen's steps through her beloved ship.

After your return to the city, dive into the world of spirits with the
Scotch Whisky Experience or embark on an artful journey of gin tasting, tantalizing your senses.

Day 6

Today, you are in for a truly enchanting journey as you get to experience a day unlike any other.
Discover the magic of
the only free-ranging reindeer herd in the UK, where these gentle creatures invite you to share a special connection with them. Capture cherished moments, touch their soft fur, and bask in the wonder of this unique encounter. This isn't just a day trip—it's a chance to create memories that will forever warm your heart.


As your adventure continues, Aviemore awaits with its festive embrace. This picturesque town comes alive during the holiday season, offering a joyful medley of merry activities and the unmistakable cheer that only this time of year brings. Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit, making this day a true highlight of your Edinburgh journey.

The Dome in Edinburgh with christmas decor

Day 7

You are going on a stroll through the bohemian charm of Stockbridge, along the cobblestone street lined with charming 19th-century houses and gardens of Circus Lane. Explore the picturesque Water of Leith and its hidden gems, and discover the storybook setting of Dean Village—a visual feast that feels like stepping into a fairy tale.


Finally, an indulgent afternoon tea at The Dome awaits, with its stunning and famous winter holiday decorations creating a magical ambiance. As night falls, follow the festive Trail of Lights at the Royal Botanic Gardens, a breathtaking end to a magical day. 

Day 8

Enjoy a day of leisure and exploration. Consult the comprehensive free guide that accompanies your trip, which offers recommendations for restaurants, bars, pubs, must-see sites, fascinating museums, and exciting day trips—an invaluable resource for crafting your fun day. 

Yaroslava, as your private concierge, is more than happy to make any reservations, suggestions, or ticket purchases for you.

Victoria Street with Christmas lights in Edinburgh
Christmas tree in the palace

Day 9

Explore the world of royalty at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, located at the end of the Royal Mile. Afterward, you will get to satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit The Chocolatarium - a renowned attraction that doubles as a micro-chocolate factory. Here, you will indulge in tastings, create your own unique chocolate bar, and learn about the art of chocolate-making.


The festive magic continues with an experience like no other - a Polar Express Train Ride—an immersive experience inspired by the beloved animated film, complete with the magic of hot chocolate and joyful spirit. You can read more about the experience here.


Before we say goodbye tomorrow, we will recap and revisit the magical time you have had on this trip during our Festive Farewell Dinner together.

Day 10

As you check out from your Edinburgh haven, your remarkable journey comes full circle. Transfers to the airport seamlessly guide you toward your departure. While farewells may be bittersweet, remember that your time in Edinburgh has kindled memories to last a lifetime. As you depart, carry the spirit of the holidays and this enchanting adventure with you, and know that the magic of Edinburgh will forever be a cherished part of your story.

Christmas Market
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